Woodbridge Senior Center Walking Trails

from the Public Works Director’s Office ~ much appreciated:

I just went out to see the Woodbridge Senior Center parking lot. The paths look great. I especially like the detail on the guardrail that protects the sharp edges from the pedestrians. Great job! Matt V. Assistant Public Works Director

Site Works was contracted to install, clear, grade, install asphalt walking trails, handrails, fencing, roadside guardrail and site restoration to allow Seniors access to the Senior Center from the existing parking lots and bus stop without having to walk on the public roads.

Oxford Boathouse ~ Lake Ridge, VA

Site Works has completed the first phase of the structural repairs to the Lake Ridge Park Boathouse understory. This work included demolition, salvation, excavation, drainage systems, concrete footings, underpinning and structural column replacements.

Drainage Repairs and Asphalt Paving

Dear Mr. Walter,  Nothing is simple. Your can-do attitude and willingness to work with me to resolve the caper of the crushed drain pipes, did however, make the fix seem as simple as one could have imagined. I got home in time to watch your guys fill, compact and clean up from the work. You should know-as I’m sure you do- the pride that your A team takes in being part of your company. Watching the care with which they not only performed their work but cleaned up and stowed all their tools tells me volumes about them and how they feel about the company and owner whom they represent. Moreover, worker’s attitudes don’t just materialize from nowhere. Clearly, you have a great deal to do with the success of those who work for you. How you treated me and how you worked with me in this “do-over” was just another example of what an outstanding businessman and individual you are. Your guys are lucky to have you at the helm. But I suspect they know that! I remain, yours sincerely,  A.F., Fairfax, VA

Driveway Design, Layout and Asphalt Paving

Bill and his team did a phenomenal job! They worked patiently with us to address our concerns and also brought tons of great ideas about how best to design the driveway which is pretty steep and even helped us install a basketball goal! Highly recommend them. Andy S. , Oakton, VA

Athletic Field Construction

Site Works has been Contracted to rebuild and renovate existing Athletic Fields for the Prince William County Parks & Recreation Department. Major renovation includes importing and placing 34,000 cubic yards of controlled fill, irrigation system modifications, manufacturing and laser-grading 12,000 cubic yards of topsoil.

Excavation, Drainage & Asphalt Paving

Dear Bill, From your first visit to estimate the job I had a sense that – to quote your follow-up email – you would “do me a good job.” You did more than that. Beyond the good work that your crew performed, their can-do attitude was impressive and refreshing. I’ve seen few workers as cheerful as Carlos dancing in the street while flagging cars between bobcat trips to and from the dump truck. It’s a good thing I don’t use social media … or Carlos would have gone viral by now!

Your attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile was impressive. Examples are nearly endless: dumpster diving for cardboard, arrival of surge stone, on-the-spot drainage pipe repairs, “digging to China” while removing a dumpster full of marine clay, moving earth to regrade the “north 40” behind my garage. In each of these instances you showed a commitment to excellence that is, sadly, all too rare in the field theses days. And to come home to a newly-seeded lawn on Wednesday afternoon was simply breathtaking. Breathtaking to the point of tears. That is one serious commitment to the adage of leaving things better than you found them!

I know I speak for both my neighbors when I say that it was a pleasure to meet you and to do business with you. Thank you for your good work. Elizabeth, City of Fairfax, VA

Driveway Asphalt Paving

Dear Mr Walter and the Site Works crew,  Thank you for your fantastic work with our driveway. Your meticulous attention to detail, obvious talent with your work and awesome attitude resulted in suburb results. Please pass on our profound gratitude to the whole team. We are thrilled with the results. Warmest regards, Sophia & Eric, City of Fairfax, VA

Excavation, Gravel and Grading at Farm in Aldie, VA

Site Works excavated around my barn, where I had low areas collecting water and fixed the drainage. They repaired the stone foundation of the barn and with large stones the found while grading, they built me beautiful raised planter beds along my barn foundation (an unexpected bonus). They spread gravel, moved heavy items around the farm and spread surge stone across my pond spillway. My tractor wasn’t working right, and Bill Walter even fixed it ~ saving me a lot of money! They corrected all my problems, greatly exceeding my expectations. I tried to pay Site Works more money for all the extras they did, but Bill would not take it. Thank you so much. Charmaine J. , Aldie, VA

Foundation Leak & Drainage Repairs

Bill – We really appreciate the personal attention and hard work you put into our job. Your work is superior. Thanks again. All the best,  Don & Michelle, Fairfax Station, VA

Rebuild Stone Retaining Wall & Creek Erosion

Due to heavy rain and creek erosion, our stone retaining wall collapsed. Site Works rebuilt the retaining wall and solved the overall draining erosion problem. Bill provided an excellent service from start to finish. He and his team lived up to the expectation he set. We are very happy, the problem is solved. Steve A., Clifton, VA